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The heart & soul of Chris Kaos

#TEAMKAOS is an entertainment group supporting EDM artist Chris Kaos, Bringing you the hottest music, dancing, and live entertainment. Together we are one great team that works to bring you a night you'll never forget. #TEAMKAOS P.L.U.R

Micah Williams               "MARV3L"


Having grown up since childhood with Kaos. This is the guy everyone needs to get the party started. If Micah can't get you to dance, NO ONE can. Also a guarantee he will put a smile on your face. Fun fact: Micah just might be the worlds biggest Disney fan.

Reginald Charles        "Reggy Reg"


Founder and CEO of "RHOaming Entertainment." Making sure Kaos is on point and on track at all times. Fun fact: Reggy is also Chris' Fraternity bRHOther in Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity INC.

 Chris Groussis        "Scrappy Coco"

Events Coordinator

Long term friend of Chris Kaos, but considered cousin. Making sure every event follows through according to plan, and working one on one with the client(s) to bring them the ultimate "Chris Kaos" experience. Fun fact: Chris and Chris are both from the same part of Greece.

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