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Where It All Started

From dancing in the streets, to music mayhem

Reigning from the city streets of Boston Massachusetts, Chris Kaos started his career in entertaining at a very young age. Kaos and a select group of friends started break-dancing in their first year of high school and performed for many events, including school performances, charity events, dance competitions, & many more. After awhile, Chris started to become UN-enthused by the music they had been dancing to for years. He then set out and started creating his own mashups and mixes of all his favorite songs and put them together for him and his crew to dance to. After creating these mixes for some time, the thought for creating his very own songs came about, and he started working. Having grown up with electronic music as a personal favorite, he began producing dance tracks. Towards the end of his JR. year in high school, he finished his "first album." While it may not have been the greatest of music, he still managed to make and sell his CDs to his fellow class mates and teachers. Come his senior year in high school, a friend turned to him and asked if he could play Kaos' songs for the school dance that he was going to be Djing for. Agreeing, he showed up at the dance and when he went to give his friend the CD, his friend then told him to jump behind the booth and play his very own music for the crowd. Hesitant at first, but after doing so, a rush passed through Kaos' body and the thought of doing this as a career was born. From then on out, everyday he worked on his craft of both mixing, and producing. Years later while in college, he had officially managed to have 2 tracks signed to the UK label, Dirt, Lies, & Audio Recordings. Till this day, Chris Kaos puts on a show not only with great music, but an experience you'll never forget.

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